Lodge meetings are held on the second Monday of every calendar month except July and August.

Freemasons enjoy visiting other lodges and receiving visitors from elsewhere.  Royal Brunswick are no exception.  Visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings and subsequent festive boards.

Tapton Masonic Hall
Shore Lane
S10 3BU

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2022 Regular Lodge Meetings (6:15pm):

 All meetings tyle promptly unless otherwise advised on the summons.

11th January – Lecture

14th February –¬†Initiation

14th March – Presentation on “The Preparation of the Candidate for Initiation” and Lecture on the “First Degree Tracing Board”

11th April – 60 Year in Masonry Commemorative Certificate presentation to W. Bro J.T. Hobson PPJGW

9th May – Passing

13th June – Talk-Who Was Jachin

12th September – Second Degree Demonstration

10th October – Raising

14th November – Business Meeting

12th December – Installation Meeting

Rehearsal’s and Masonic Academy‘s are from 8pm on the Thursday preceding the meeting night
Lodge Committee Meetings (from 7pm):

26th January – Virtual meeting
April -TBC

October – TBC
Advancement Meetings (from 8pm):

March – TBC
October – TBC
Lodge Social Committee Meetings (from 7pm):

February -TBC
June – TBC
Lodge Officers Dinner:

TBC- Fish and Chips
Social Events:

TBC- Quiz, Pie and Pea Supper

6th Aug- Nick Wright Memorial Plate

20th Aug- Summer BBQ

2nd Dec – Eccleshall Road drinks

 Other events may be organised and will be advertised.

Fraternal Visitations:

TBC- Palatina Lodge 1022, Mannheim, Germany visiting RBL

TBC- Visit to Lodge Grange